Noslice Starting Duo

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The Noslice Starting Duo is the perfect kit for new Noslice customers !


The Noslice coating allows golfers of any level of play to instantly get rid of their slice or hook simply by applying it to the striking surface of their golf club. The unequalled Noslice substance is easy to use and can be safely applied to your clubs without causing any damage to them. The unique properties of the Noslice coating remove friction between the ball and the striking surface of your club, eliminating the rotation of the ball caused by an imperfect striking angle that would lead to a curved ball trajectory. The Noslice coating will also allow you to perfect your swing by being able to see exactly where the ball hit the striking surface on your club.

- Hit a straight shot every time!
- Gain up to 15 yards on your drive instantly !
- Easily deduct 10 points on your scoresheet!
- Easy to use!
- 100% club safe!
- Guaranteed efficiency!


The Noslice Wipes have been designed specifically to completely remove the Noslice coating from your clubs. Every pack contains 20 disposable wipes included in a compact and resealable packaging.

- 100% club safe!
- Completely removes the coating
- Disposable after use
- May also be used to wipe any other surfaces that have come into contact with the Noslice coating
- Compact packaging, releasable and easy to use.